Capital F – Mosquito

Capital F — Mosquito
Release date : Mar. 07, 2015
Label : dOgbOx studios

The final release from Australia's Guitar Groove merchants Capital F. The final line-up was Chris Bass (songs/vocals/bass), Jules Butcher (guitars) and Paul Deeble (drums and anvil). Guest turntables on two tracks by DJ Next (the original DJ for the Hilltop Hoods). Produced by Capital F and Steve Fieldhouse. Recorded @ Mixmasters Studio and Mixed at Krell Studio.

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Found Objects

Found Objects — Self-Titled
Release date : Jul. 27, 2014
Label : dOgbOx studios / Earsight

A soundtrack of musical montage. African drums, Howling Ebow, thunderous bass, hypnotic polyrhythms, spirit dedications, uplifting grooves, haunting melodies, singing delays, riff rock, slightly modified filing cabinets, ashtrays, Balinesian bamboo and other found objects.

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Chimera #9

Chimera #9 — Self-titled
Release date : Jan. 11, 2014
Label : dOgbOx studios

Instrumental Mind Music from this three-headed animal. Five tracks of savage beauty (or is that beautiful savagery?). The only studio recording in existence, recorded @ Mixmasters Studios in the Adelaide Hills and mixed at Krell studios.

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Chris Bass – Monster

Chris Bass — Monster
Release date : Nov. 16, 2012
Label : dOgbOx studios

Chris's debut solo LP. Hip-hop that goes bump in the night, with dL right beside him on turntables. Beats by Chris, dL and Admin. Features appearances from a range of C.H. crew members and special guests.

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