22 Jul


  • skull fracture single cover

    Skull Fracture

    Live to 2-track single from Pandora's Box 2 compilation.

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  • Zizek Is A Woman LP cover

    Zizek Is A Woman

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  • Enemy (Tidal Wave Version)

    Big beat single featuring Jose Tortabu on percussion.

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  • https://chris-bass.bandcamp.com/track/shaped-and-controlled

    Shaped and Controlled

    Dark-future hip-hop single from Chris Bass rhythm-talker.

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  • Chimera9 LP cover

    Chimera #9

    Experimental Mind Music - instrumental music from Chris Lambert, Adam Ritchie and Dave Hopgood. 5 songs - 52 minutes.

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  • Chris Bass Monster LP cover


    Alt-hip-hop that goes bump in the night.  Chris burns rulebooks with dL on turntables and a group of CH crew affiliates along for the ride.

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  • Found Objects - Self-Titled 2003

    Found Objects

    Instrumental music with a distinctly Global perspective.  Steve Fieldhouse, Chris Lambert plus drummers Dean Edwards and Dave Hopgood.

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  • Mosquito

    The 1996 LP from Adelaide's original Punk-Funkers Capital F, finally re-issued in digital format.

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  • Travel On Dub by DubLvision

    Travel On

    The first single and dub from this Xperimental X-ray artist.  Roots reggae vibe inna modern dubstyle.

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