25 Jul

Chris Bass

Chris Bass – Monster LP now available at BandcampChris Bass onstage

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Original, musical, strange and lyrical, Chris Bass made a name for himself as a member of C.H.Projects and Defenders as not only an emcee but as a producer and musician.  With so many Chris’s in the Adelaide scene, folks called him ‘Chris bass-player’ then Chris Bass (or even just Bass).

From his early days open micing as a member of 9th Circle, and playing bass for The Hooded Puppets, a live version of the Hilltop Hoods (represented on their debut vinyl EP, Back Once Again) Chris has developed into a studio artist and polished performer in his own right with over 50 live appearances at hip-hop shows.

He became an engineer/producer/muso/rhymer in the Australian hip-hop scene, helping out many times gratis and uncredited.  Chris has worked with Delta, Hilltop Hoods, Suffa, DJ Debris, Hooded Puppets, coXster, Reason, Mindfield, Terra-Firma, Common Cause, Social Change, Crossbred Mongrels, 2Biz, Headstrong Company, Soundbombers, Decades, Admin, Miss Entrige, Mark1, Ill Equpit and more.

He has performed as a support act for international hip-hop acts Gang StarrBrother AliExpansion Team Sound System (Raaka and Babu from Dilated People), Mixmaster MikePeople Under The Stairs and The Sugarhill Gang.

Chris wrote recorded, mixed, mastered and released his debut solo hip-hop LP Monster in 2012.  The LP features turntablist dL cutting and scratching for most of the record and features many of his C.H. crew members on guest verses and some of his talented friends Social Change, Admin and Train1.

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