25 Jul

Chimera #9

Adam Ritchie: Guitar, MIDI guitarChimera #9 Australian instrumental band
Dave Hopgood: Percussion
Chris “Bass” Lambert: Bass

The Chimæra was a beast from Greek mythology with qualities of three creatures – a lion, a goat and a snake. The band itself is a three-headed beast spouting musical fire; music that is intense, partly structured, but mostly improvised around a loose skeleton of bizarre rhythms, melodies and organised noise.

Their self-titled LP was produced by the three members, recorded at Mixmasters Studio and mixed at Krell Studios (now Chapel Lane) with legendary engineer Steve Fieldhouse who has recorded and mixed musicians from all over the world including Youssou N’Dour, The Gyuto Monks, Gurrumul, London Symphony Orchestra, The Skatellites to name but a few).

Adam Ritchie’s other projects have included DEADpool, R.Domain, Lather, Molloy, Only The Sky and many more.

Dave’s projects have included Gosling, United Progressive Fraternity – UPF and Unitopia.

Together Dave and Ritchie have played in Spine, Hobson’s Choice, Murdergrin and black metal legends Martire.

Chimera #9 on Bandcamp

Review of Flinders Uni show with Lemonheads, and Ride by Nazz for Rip It Up magazine

Review of Flinders Uni show with Lemonheads, and Ride

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