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Neon Tetra – Audio Interview and Single Launch

I’m currently mixing (then mastering) Neon Tetra’s “Memorium” single.  Neon Tetra describe themselves thusly: A “fusion of indie dance and alternate rock. Creating jubilant pieces of dance-worthy bliss, juxtaposed with darker epics fitting of an Eighties science fiction film noir, Neon Tetra craft a truly unique and uplifting sound.”  I tend to agree.neontetrarainbow

I mixed and mastered their “Chance” EP which you can find at
Recent interview from Radio Adelaide (thanks for the shout):

Their single launch @ Jive Nightclub is at
You can check out their Facebook at

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Doc Boom – Spoonful of Sugar

We are releasing this cover today by Doc Boom of the Clowns of Decadence. Written by the talented Sherman Brothers for the film Mary Poppins it has been expertly warped with twang guitar, Western saloon piano, rockabilly drums all resounding in a rockabilly cavern. This was originally recorded last year by Sean Needs and myself as a student project. We have dusted off this strange bird for your listening pleasure. Doc on vocals and all the instruments…maybe he has no friends?

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Don’t Say Anything – Doc Boom debut solo single

We are pleased to present the first single by Doc Boom, better known as the bassist for the Clowns of Decadence.

If Luka Bloom punched Tom Waits in the face, on stage with the Pixies it wouldn’t quite sound like this.

It’s a classic slow grungy ballad.  Doc and I wrote and recorded it yesterday and I mixed it last night and tweaked it this morning.



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Royer 121 mics – Sunnyside up IS different

121 rear - turn to the Darkside!

121 rear – turn to the Darkside!

I was having a discussion about 121s and how they have a slightly different pickup on each side, which not many people seem to know.  Here’s Royer’s take on how:

Sunnyside - use this  side for LOUD stuff and/or a little more brightness

Sunnyside – use this side for LOUD stuff and/or a little more brightness

“Our patented Offset Ribbon transducer design, found only on Royer R-series ribbon mics, creates the sonic difference on the two sides of the mic. This design positions the ribbon element slightly forward of the center of the microphone (closer to the logo side), giving more room for rearward excursions of the ribbon element during high SPL use. The sonic difference on the back side was actually a happy accident. Being offset, the ribbon element is in a different position relative to the chamber of the microphone. When the mic is flipped around, the difference in the ribbon position creates an acoustical difference that is quite useful.

The effect is only noticed at distances of three feet or closer to the mic. Distant sound sources (further than three feet from the mic) will record exactly the same on both sides of the microphone.”

It’s not really a secret you can find this stuff on their site at

Because of this design and the different ribbon excursion, only use the front side for high SPL (Sound Pressure Levels) like drums and guitar amps.

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